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We are Crescent Dairy & Beverage: a company with over 20 years of experience making aseptic and refrigerated products. Although we focus mainly in manufacturing for the local market, making brands catered to all sorts of consumers including those from different ethnic backgrounds, we also manufacture for regional markets as well as for exporting. This has led us to expand our line of business by adding the latest UHT (ultra high temperature) processing equipment which processes all types of beverages including those made with milk.

We’re strategically located on I-95, 60 miles from the port of Charleston and 70 miles from the port of Savannah. Our location enhances our distribution and logistics capabilities allowing us not only to better serve the entire east coast but also our international customers. We are the ideal partners for a constant and fast flow of merchandise to any market within the United States and abroad.

Private Label

At Crescent we offer a wide range of services which include the development of private label brand, packaging design and manufacturing of goods as well as the delivery of them. For those customers who only need “a hand” in their manufacturing process we’re also co packers, providing manufacturing and packaging solutions that fit their needs.

Small businesses who require small volumes can benefit from our advantages: flexibility in our production line, good logistics and very competitive costs. For smaller brands we offer a finished product that will fulfill both US and international standards.

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